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Armani Fountain

Armani Fountain is a creative visionary with a background in sales and marketing. With a degree in marketing from Saint Vincent College and 10 years of sales experience, Armani has been able to craft messages and dialogue in a way that resonates with recruiters, hiring managers and his community.


Armani has a passion for helping others and has dedicated his time to giving free interview and career advice on social platforms (TikTok and YouTube) through @ArmaniGems. He has added value to others by consulting with individuals or groups who need further interview and career help. He also has created a tool called a “Bragbook”, a digital or physical portfolio that helps interviewees showcase their professional accomplishments and achievements, which helps separate them from other candidates during the interview process.


Armani has worked as a Territory Sales Manager for a retail company for 5 years and currently works for a Fortune 500 healthcare company as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep while simultaneously managing his brand and business.


Armani is always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow, and he is available for collaborations and consultations. If you would like to work with Armani, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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